Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 9

During the ninth week of your pregnancy, both you and your baby will be going through a lot of quick changes. You would have already made your first prenatal visit to your doctor, if not, you would be prepared for one. If it’s going to be your first visit, you can write down some of your regular activities and habits, like your eating habits, workout habits, etc., to make it easier for your practitioner.  

Your Body
At this stage of your pregnancy, you might have changes in your smell and taste. You might start to unlike the taste of the food which you liked few weeks before, or the smell of your own perfume might make you gag. When you are pregnant, smells and tastes may intensify, but not every single one of you will experience this. As a matter of fact, some practitioners even doubt this to be a common phenomenon. If certain tastes and smells bother you, it is better to avoid those, and do not worry because your senses will be back to normal after you give birth.

Your breasts and nipples might feel sore at this stage of your pregnancy, due to the reaction of pregnancy hormones like estrogen. In such cases, avoid wearing tight bras and clothes and other things that might cause irritation; even a small touch to your breasts (even if it is done by your partner) can infuriate soreness. This soreness will stop in the next couple week, so hang in there!

Pregnancy hormones such as progesterone will make your body expand along with your baby’s growth. The same set of hormones will also bring down the rate at which foods move in your digestive system. This can lead to constipation, heart burn, and worst of all, flatulence. Passing gas is a normal happening during pregnancy and there is no need to treat it with medications. Avoid foods that produce gas, like cabbage, beans and potato. Also, eat small meals rather than having large feasts. 

Your Baby
Your baby will now measure between 1 and 1-1/4 inches and will start to put on weight at a faster pace. Her eyes will now be fully covered by the eyelids, which will open only around 28 weeks. Your baby’s optic nerve and pupils will also be developing now. She can now move her hands, legs, arms, and feet. She will remain curled up most of the time. 

While you may receive quite a lot of advice and information on exercise, it is also important that you understand the part relaxation plays in your pregnancy. Relaxing will help you both mentally as well as physically. When you relax, your muscles will start to lose tension, your breathing will slow down, your heart rate will slow down, and stress endorphins will stop racing in your system, enabling your body to completely rest and energize itself. Here are some suggestions to relax yourself:

Massage: Find a massage therapist who is experienced in treating pregnant women, and remember to avoid vigorous work.

Meditation: If you are totally stressed, you can go in for meditation, which is now becoming a popular stress relief program in many hospitals.

Yoga: If possible, it is better to look for a yoga DVD or class that is specially customized for pregnant women.

Breathing exercises can also be of help.

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