Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 7

During this week, your mucus will be thickening, developing a plug through which your uterus will remain sealed until the day you give birth. You may not find any drastic changes in your body yet, except for your waistline. The pace at which changes occur in a pregnant woman’s body will differ from one individual to another. 

Your Body
You will actually start to feel pregnant now, even if your body has not fully shown them yet. If this is your second or third pregnancy, you may find it difficult to put-on some of your most fitted clothes. This would be mainly because your uterus would be competing to get more space. The corpus, which makes the upper part of your uterus, will be extremely flexible and muscular. In order to cope up with the increasing size of your baby, the muscle fibers of the corpus will extend up to 100 times. At this stage of your pregnancy, your uterus would have started to grow to reach your belly button, and will be halfway to it by next month. 

The growth of your pregnancy hormones would make you gain some weight.You may also experience bloating, as the food you intake will move very slowly via your intestines during pregnancy, enabling the absorption of more water in your body. It will make sure that your digestion takes place in such a way that it delivers more nutrition to your baby. If you are constipated, this bloating might make you feel some cramping. However, if the cramping persists or is painful, call your health care provider for consultation.

Your Baby
Your baby is still in the form of an embryo, but about half an inch long now and growing quickly. New nerve cells are starting to form in her brain at an amazing rate of 100,000 every minute. By now, she would be moving in the amniotic sac. Her toes and fingers will separate, and her elbows will now be visible. Your baby’s integral organs will now be developing at a fast pace and also other fine details like hair follicles, nipples, eyelids, and teeth. Her heartbeat will be faster than last week. Her liver will start to produce red blood cells. The umbilical cord carries nutrients and oxygen between you and your baby, and represents the lifeline of your baby.

Here are some approaches that will help you at this stage of your pregnancy:

Stay upright: Lying down soon or immediately after having your meal will make you feel squeamish. Before you get out of bed, try to stay upright for about 15 minutes. 

Increase your fluid intake: This is important because dehydration is not good for your health and can also aggravate nausea.

Eat strategically: You may feel nauseous most of the time; but it is not right to completely avoid food for that reason. Try taking light, small meals, and snack in between. Let your snacks be fruits, cracker, etc. Avoid eating food that is too much greasy, sauced and junk food, as these would take longer to digest.

It is better to consult your doctor if you  are vomiting more than twice a day or your weights keeps dropping.

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