Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 6

As your baby develops inside you, you will start to show as well as begin to feel the various pregnancy symptoms like intense food cravings, mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, morning sickness, nausea, and tender breasts. These symptoms are mainly caused because of the fast pace in which your baby is growing. Things you should double check during this week include: constant one-sided pain, spotting or bleeding, severe back pain, sudden desertion of pregnancy symptoms, and dehydration. 

Your Body
In addition to those pregnancy symptoms you experienced last week, you will be experiencing more of those this week. There is no specific order in which your pregnancy symptoms will appear or disappear. You are sure to experience changes in your breasts this week. Some of you might even notice that your breasts have increased in size as well as some changes in the dark skin that surrounds your nipples. These are subtle changes that take place, since your body will be getting prepared for breastfeeding your baby after birth.

Additionally, if you suffer from heartburn, bloating, and gas, it is better to avoid eating fatty, fried and gaseous foods. Always eat slowly. Taking a short walk after your meal will be of help. 
If you have headaches, it is better to start off with non-medical treatments like resting, getting some fresh air, or following a relaxation technique. Try to avoid medicines like ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. without being prescribed by your doctor. If headaches get severe, consult your practitioner.

If your breasts are sore and swollen, you can change your bra to a new one that provides more support to your breasts and fits better. During your pregnancy, you might need to change several bras in order to meet up with the changes happening in your breasts. It is better to avoid wearing underwire bras, as they may compress mammary glands, which are responsible for producing milk, otherwise known as lactating. 

If you feel cramped, which is one common reaction to pregnancy, try sleeping with your head elevated or use a humidifier. Also, always drink lots of fluids.

If you face longer vaginal discharge, wear a panty liner and change it frequently. Wearing cotton underwear would be more comfortable than synthetic ones.

Your Baby
From the top of your baby’s head to the buttocks, your baby will now start to measure between 4 and 6 millimeters, around ¼ inch. The size of the baby might be very small, but she is working hard, with a heartbeat. The heart will pump blood throughout the tiny body. Also available are the cells that will eventually develop into your baby’s pancreas, lungs, liver and stomach. Big news for you is that by the end of this week, your baby’s arms and legs will get longer and will start growing feet and hand buds. Your baby’s nose, tongue, jaw, and ears will also start to grow at this stage. Also developing are your baby’s brain, intestines and muscle fibers. When you take a vaginal ultrasound, it is also possible for you to hear your baby’s heartbeat, which will beat faster than yours, at a rate of 100 to 130 per minute. 

During this week of your pregnancy, chances are, you may feel symptoms like sleep deprivation and morning sickness among others.

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