Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 5

Although you might have recently found out that you are pregnant, several changes in your hormones and alterations in your body will take place to cope up with the pregnancy. While some of you might not feel any initial symptoms of pregnancy at all, others might have started to feel nauseous and tired already.

What to Watch For in Week 5?
Desertion of pregnancy symptoms: If your pregnancy symptoms, such as vomiting, nausea, sore breasts, sensitiveness to taste or smell, etc. disappear all of a sudden, you should report the same to your physician. The effects of these symptoms usually vary from one another, but a total absence of them can be an indication of a hormonal issue. So, it is better to have your physician  check all your levels.

Back pain: Uterine cramping might cause pain in your back, which may also lead to miscarriage. However, it might also be an indication of stretching of the uterus or an infection. If your pain is severe and does not lessen, report it to your physician.

Inability to drink or eat properly: Most of you would know that throwing up is a normal part of pregnancy. But one important thing you may not know is that many of you might face the risk of getting dehydrated. This has to be reported to your physician without fail.

Your Body
By this stage, you would either be in the pregnancy group which consists of women who do not feel so good or in the group who cannot even tell they are pregnant. If you belong to the first group of pregnant women, you probably would have expected it to happen someday or the other, but maybe not so early in the cycle. Some of the symptoms you might experience include: vomiting or nausea, exhaustion, frequent urination, and headaches. 

On the other hand, many of you might not even experience any sort of early pregnancy symptoms. If you belong to this category, you do not have to worry at all; because it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your body or pregnancy. You should start worrying only when you have been feeling strong pregnancy symptoms but they disappear all of a sudden. 

Your Baby
Though your baby will still be called an embryo at this stage, several interesting changes will take place every passing day. Your embryo, which will now start to look like coiled tube, will develop into your baby’s head on one end and your baby’s bottom half on the other. The spinal cord will form between these two ends, and during the end of this week, bumps will start to form at your baby’s back, representing the development of the central nervous system. 

The heart of your baby will now seem like a small tube, which will develop its left and right chambers by week 6. Also rapidly developing are your baby’s other major organs. At the beginning of this second month of your pregnancy, your baby’s brain will get divided into two lobes, and also her respiratory system will begin to grow behind her face. As your baby develops, the respiratory system will continue growing downwards. Leg and arm buds of your baby will start to appear, and her skeleton, eyes and ears will start to form. Also, it is by this time when the umbilical cord and placenta start to function.

If your pregnancy makes you feel sick and stagnant, you probably might not have that most anticipated pregnancy glow you always expected. Therefore, for the moment, you can get the glow from a brush or bottle, putting blush to your cheeks. This will help you to at least feel like a healthy mother-to-be, though you might not be feeling very much luminous.

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