Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 37

Congratulations! You have successfully reached the final month of your pregnancy. The duration for which you have been pregnant will probably make you feel exhausted, that you would wish the baby had popped out already. Try not to increase your stress by thinking about this all the time, there are only a few more weeks for your baby to be born. It is always best for babies to be born after 39 weeks; however, most babies that are born by this week also happen to do well, requiring a little care. This is the main reason why doctors do not conduct a C section or induce labor before week 39, unless there really is a need.

Your body
With your due date approaching quickly, you would have gained from about 30 pounds to 31 pounds during this week. However, if you are having twins or multiple babies, your weight gain would be around 35 to 40 pounds. In the following weeks, there are chances for you to gain an additional five pounds, as the presence of your baby in your womb for longer durations will make her gain more weight, making you heavier as well.

Now, you may start to experience Braxton Hicks contractions more frequently than before. Also, you will be experiencing vaginal discharge. If your discharge also carries a little amount of blood, you can expect labor in a few days. But, if bleeding or spotting happens frequently, contact your healthcare provider immediately. 

You might find it very much harder than ever before to find a comfortable position for a sound sleep at night. Try to relax during the day, as this might be your only chance to relax until your baby is born. Also, make sure that you monitor the movements of your baby constantly, and if you happen to notice that her movements have decreased, let your doctor know immediately. Your baby’s nest might be becoming cozier than before, but she will still be able to remain active.

Your nervousness about labor and also about being a new parent can make you feel stressed, which may result in intense dreams during sleep. In such cases, have confidence in yourself, take charge, and stay in command, all of which will help you face labor easily, rather than starting to feel down about the negative thoughts and dreams you get.

Not only you, but also your partner may feel anxious about the birth of your baby. It is normal to be nervous, and it is an emotion you both will share. Therefore, talk about it with each other and make him understand that everything will go on just fine. After all, there are lots and lots of couples who face this stage and finally give birth to healthy babies.

Your baby
As you know, your due date is fast approaching. However, your baby will not be considered as a full term until you reach week 39 of your pregnancy. There are four terms in pregnancy: your baby will be considered as an early term from the beginning of week 37 to the end of week 38, full term from the beginning of week 39 to the end of week 40, late term from the beginning of week 41 and the end of week 42, and post term the end of 42 weeks and beyond that.

You should be very much focused on the signs of labor you might experience, as you can expect labor to begin anytime from this week. Your baby will now be 19 inches in length and may weigh more than 6.3 pounds. You will start to experience reduced pressure below your rib cage, as your baby would have moved down to your pelvis, getting ready for delivery. And therefore, you will now be able to breathe more easily than before, as your lungs will now have more space to expand.

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