Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 36

You have now reached the thirty sixth week of your pregnancy successfully, and now, you will be considered to be in your late preterm and you are exactly nine months from having conceived. You can expect your baby to come out any time now, as only about five percent of all babies actually arrive on their due date. The more this is exciting for you, the more you will be nervous as well. Your doctor will now ask to examine you once in every week, just to make sure that you and your baby are doing well. By now, you would have been tested for Group B Streptococcus bacteria in your genitals. If not, make sure that your doctor does the screening, as it may be harmful for your baby when she is born. 

Your body
At this stage of your pregnancy, your uterus will be huge, making you feel like you cannot expand any further. But, remember that you still have a whole month of pregnancy ahead of you until you reach your due date. You can expect your belly to get bigger in the following weeks. Some of you might be waiting for your baby to descend into your pelvis, while for others it may have already happened. This is different from one pregnant woman to another, and is called as lightning. 

One most common pregnancy symptom you would experience at this stage is clumsiness. You would be bumping into things even when you try to walk casually, because of your large belly. Also, your balance will not be like before, as the changes in your hormones are loosening up your pelvic joints and also those in your toes and fingers. 

You would also experience pain in your hip, which is caused by the changes taking place in your hormones as well. During your third trimester, a hormone called relaxin will be secreted in large. This hormone helps in relaxing and softening your pelvic joints, making it easy for your baby to fit in the birth canal. This change in hormone, along with the greater pressure of moving around with about twenty extra pounds will make you to experience discomfort and hip pain. If this pain persists, you may try swimming to gain some relief. Also, when you stand in a pool, you tend to feel weightless, which helps relieve the stress or pressure in your joints and you will feel much better. You can also try getting prenatal massage.

Vaginal discharge is another symptom you would be experiencing at this time. Though you would have experienced it in the early weeks of your pregnancy, this time it could be thicker and would also increase. This is absolutely normal; so, there is nothing to worry about.

Your baby
She will measure about 18.6 inches in length and would weigh around 6 pounds. Your baby will continue to put on weight from now on and will also grow in size until the end of your pregnancy term. As your baby grows, she won't have enough space in the uterus to toss and turn, which is why she will now remain curled up with her arms and legs folded with her body. 

The structural development of your baby’s lungs is taking place as well; but, if she is born prematurely this week, she may require some help with breathing. Her heartbeat, like before, is still going faster than yours, from 110 to 160 beats per minute, and will continue to be the same even after she is born. Your baby keeps swallowing the amniotic fluid surrounding her and discharges it as urine, which will make the fluid to decrease steadily. 

By the end of this week, your baby will be considered as early term, and she would most likely be in a head down position. If not, you doctor may schedule an ECV (External Cephalic Version), a way to make your baby change her position by pressurizing your abdomen.

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