Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 34

During the 34th week of your pregnancy, you would be feeling uncomfortable for most of the time. Meeting with your doctor or health care provider on a regular basis is extremely essential at this point of time because he or she will prepare you for the various phases of labor. Pregnancy differs from one woman to another, and not all pregnant women make it to complete 40 weeks of the pregnancy frame, which makes it necessary for your doctor to make you ready from now on. In the next few weeks, there are chances that your doctor checks you for Group B Strep, bacteria that settle in the bowel and vagina of some pregnant women, which may infect the baby, if left untreated.

Your body
During this week, you would start experiencing fatigue again, but this will not be as intense as that you experienced during your first trimester. The  fatigue you experience is absolutely normal, especially when taking into consideration your current physical stress and your restless nights because of having to urinate often and tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. It is now time for you to take as much rest as you can with the aim of saving enough energy for the day of your labor. Also, if you have been lying down or sitting for quite some time, do not try to get up quickly, as this may cause your blood to flow down to your legs and feet, bringing your blood pressure down all of a sudden, making you feel dizzy. 

If you are carrying more than one baby, then you may expect them to pop out any minute now. Even though the anticipated length of a pregnancy term is from 37 weeks to 42 weeks, it has been found that more than 50 percent of twins are born before 37 weeks, as premature babies. 

As your due date is nearing, you would probably be filled with thoughts and anxieties about your labor day and the pain you are going to experience and its duration. Therefore, it is better that you start educating yourself about the process of labor and delivery, look into the different pain relief options available, and also about the procedures followed by the hospital or your doctor for complications, if any. This will help in averting most of your fears pertinent to labor.

You can also keep practicing the relaxation and breathing techniques that you learned in the earlier weeks of your pregnancy, to keep you relaxed, as anxiety and stress can prolong your labor and also cause more pain. Your baby would now have gone to your pelvis, and this is referred to as lightning. This usually happens many weeks prior to labor; however, for some women, lightning takes place only before few hours of labor.

Your baby
At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby will measure up to 18 inches in length, with a weight of around 5 pounds; both height and weight may vary with each baby. Your baby is now striving to achieve her birth length and weight. Fat layers are rapidly getting accumulated and giving your baby a rounder shape and making her skin smoother, which was appearing wrinkly in earlier weeks. The fat layers also help in maintaining the temperature of your baby’s body after she is born.

Your baby’s intestinal and digestive systems are functioning fully now. Her first poo, also known as meconium stool, is present in her intestines to get passed as soon as she is born. The facial features of your baby would be very much distinct by now.

As you will now have very little space in your womb, you may notice that certain parts of your baby’s body tend to stick out when she moves around in your belly. Cherish all these moments and set aside the many symptoms you face.

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