Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 32

You are now entering the eighth month of your pregnancy and you would feel that you are already ready for your baby to pop out. Just keep eating healthy foods and work out regularly, relax and take rest whenever you can, and attend your prenatal appointments regularly with the doctor, and everything will go well. During these last few weeks of your pregnancy, it is best for you to not do anything exhausting, and follow all the directions given by your health care provider at all times.

Your body
Since you conceived, the volume of your blood has augmented about forty to fifty percent, in order to meet up with the increasing needs of you and your growing baby. Your may experience heartburn and shortness of breath due to the pressure caused by your uterus on your diaphragm and stomach. Try eating small, frequent meals rather than large ones and sleep with pregnancy pillows that provide you better comfort.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may start to experience pain in your lower back. However, if you haven’t experienced such pain before, inform your doctor immediately, as it may be an indication of preterm labor. If not, the pain may be caused by the changes in our hormones that have been happening lately and due to the increasing size of your uterus. 

As your uterus expands with the growth of your baby, your center of gravity gets altered, and your abdominal muscles get weakened and stretched out, altering your posture, thus straining your bank intensely. When it comes to blaming the hormonal changes happening in you, these changes tend to loosen the ligaments and joints that link the pelvic bone to your spine. This condition will make you feel unstable and you'll experience pain when you sit, walk, stand for longer durations, get up from a sofa or low chair, lift things, bend, or roll in your bed.

You may also experience fatigue during this term of your pregnancy. Again, hormonal changes and the increase in your body weight are making you feel exhausted most of the time. Though this is one of the normal pregnancy symptoms experienced by most women, you might want to try to take it easy. When you are at work, try to take short breaks in between, take frequent naps when at home, or do some relaxing activities , like listening to your favorite music or reading a book.

Your baby
At this time of your pregnancy, your baby will possibly weigh around 3.7 pounds and measure about 16.7 inches in length, occupying quite a lot of space in your womb. The level of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby will reach its maximum, and will remain at this level up until you reach week 37 of your pregnancy, which is referred to as early term. From that point forward, the amount of amniotic fluid will start to decrease.

Your baby is packing on pounds with the help of all the fat that is getting accumulated under her skin. Her finger nails have now grown longer, reaching her finger tips. Do not be surprised to know that your baby can now show faces, put her tongue out or even smile. 

It is still very much important that you eat properly and healthy meals, as the growth and development of your baby’s brain continues to take place. Most babies would now have changed their position to head-down; but if your baby hasn’t yet, do not worry because there is still time.

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