Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 31

The very first thing you will be able to notice in your third trimester is the amount of weight gained by you and your baby. During this final stage of your pregnancy, it is extremely important for you to always eat a well-balanced diet, like foods that are rich in proteins, fiber, and other nutrients, as well as drink lots of liquid, like juice or water, to keep yourself and your baby healthier at all times. Remember to meet your doctor regularly and have all your queries and doubts clarified.

Your body
Many pregnant women are likely to feel a tightening of the muscles in their uterus during this stage of pregnancy. These are random contractions, referred to as Braxton Hicks contractions, which usually happen during the second half of your pregnancy frame. These contractions will usually be irregular, last for about thirty seconds, and would probably be painless and infrequent during this time. 

In some cases, these contractions may be indicators of preterm labor. Remember to contact your doctor if you experience contractions over four times in an hour, and also if you experience any other indicators of labor, such as menstrual cramping, abdominal pain, increased vaginal discharge, pelvic pressure, or pain in your lower back, specifically if you have not experienced any of this before. 

Colostrum, also known as pre-milk, would have been leaking from your breasts lately or at least from now on. In that case, you can try using nursing pads. It doesn’t really matter even if you don’t secrete colostrum at this stage because not all pregnant women have the same symptoms at the same time. This may be the time for you to consider moving to using a nursing bra, especially if the current bra you are using is figure hugging. And it would be better for you to choose a bra that is one cup size bigger than your current bra size.