Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 30

During this week of your pregnancy frame, you would have a feeling that it is being endless, especially because of the different pregnancy symptoms you are facing and the varied emotions you go through. Although you still have only a few more months for your due date, by this time, it is no wonder you would be wishing your date was earlier. Hang in there! You are not alone. There are several other women who  experience the same feelings and emotions as you are, and the result is going to be absolutely worth it.

Your body
You would be feeling more tired these days, specifically when you don't get sound sleep every night. You may also feel quite uneasy than usual, which is perfectly normal and understandable. In addition to gaining weight, the amount of weight you carry around your belly is likely to alter your center of gravity. Furthermore, the changes in your hormones will make your joints loose and your ligament indifferent, both of which will also cause the change in your center of gravity.


Your baby will be practicing a regular sleep-wake cycle by now. It is important you try to comprehend the moving patterns of your baby, so you can give care for the same. However, if you see that the movement of your baby has been reduced lately, it is important that you contact your health care provider as early as possible in order to avert any potential complications. 
You are now approaching the final weeks of your pregnancy, and therefore, this is the right time for you to be prepared for the birth of your baby. In a few weeks from now, you will have no more space to expand and you would be able to see that it is impossible for you to bend. You would have started to face your pregnancy symptoms for the third trimester, which usually include hip pain, back pain, swollen ankles and feet, and also Braxton Hicks contractions. 

You will have difficulty in sleeping, especially at this stage of your pregnancy. You may not be able to settle in a comfortable position to sleep due to the size of your belly. As you would be instructed not to sleep or lay down on your back, it would be even more annoying for you to not be able to sleep comfortably even on your sides. To add fuel to this fire, you will also be urinating more often, which further disturbs even the very small amount of sleep you manage to get.

Your baby
At week 30 of your pregnancy, you baby will measure up to 15.7 inches in length and weigh around three pounds. If you happen to give birth to a premature baby this week, then your baby has 96%  chance for survival. Your baby’s nose, the appearance of which was like a button all these weeks, will now look like almost a fully formed one. The maturity of her nerve cells will continue even this week, and the neurons in the cortex of her brain begin to form into 6 different layers, with functions of their own. Cortex is a layer of neural tissue, which are responsible for memory control, thought process, emotion, vision, and coordinated movements of your baby. 

Your baby is starting to look plumper each passing day, as a result of the layers of fat being accumulated. The amniotic fluid surrounding your baby will start to decrease in the following weeks, as she is growing bigger and occupying more space in your uterus. There is also the constant development in her eyesight, but is not completely accurate yet. 

Your mood swings at this stage of pregnancy can be quite strong, especially as you start feeling uncomfortable with the size of your belly, which further makes you feel irritated and moody.

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