Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 29

As you are stepping into your third trimester, you are now very much aware of all the ups and downs of pregnancy. You should make sure that you consult your doctor regularly, especially in this trimester, to ascertain that the health of you and your baby is fine. To have your pregnancy develop positively, always at nutrition rich and healthy food and do regular workouts. 

Your body
During this week, you are successfully entering the third and final trimester of your pregnancy. It is not going to take long now for your baby to arrive. You can expect delivery anytime between week 37 and 42; some babies are born sooner than the due date given to you and others later. From this stage forward, your belly is going to get rounder and larger, as your baby will be getting ready to put on those final pounds. 


Although this is your last trimester and you have outdone all problems faced in your pregnancy, it is still important for you to eat healthy food, drink lots of liquids, and exercise regularly to have a healthy labor. You can also try to eat more protein rich foods, like fish, lean meat, cheese, eggs, grains, etc. All of these foods are essential for the growth of your baby at this stage. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can look for vegetarian substitutes that are rich in protein, like black bean salad, whole wheat bread, etc.

In addition to the proteins, you should also try to eat enough calcium rich foods, as this will help in building your baby’s teeth and bones. Your baby’s bones, previously cartilage, will continue their transformation into bones, even during this trimester, which will require a lot of calcium. So, be sure to take quite a lot of dairy products during this trimester.

If you are experiencing constipation, like most other pregnant women, you should take foods that are rich in fiber, like berries, fruits, beans, and legumes. 

Your baby
Your baby will now measure at least 15 inches in length and will weigh around 2 and a half pounds. Her brain is still maturing and will start producing neurons in the next few weeks. Her sleep-wake cycle has developed very well now; however, she will be spending most of her time sleeping. She will also be able to dream by now. The bones of your baby are completely developed, but still remain soft. 

Your baby’s movements and kicks will now be more intense, causing you quite a lot of pain. At this point, she will move and kick more frequently, which signifies that she is in good health. The pain you experience from some of these movements can sometimes lead to unintentional urination, pelvic pain, and also rib pain. 

As your baby grows, you would be able to notice that you feel hungrier than before, as most of the nutrients you consume via your food will be used by your baby for her constant development. In some cases, you may feel hungry right after your meal; but resist this temptation and try to eat healthy foods like fruits. Also, your iron levels may go down as your baby is using more blood in the functioning of her organs. Consult your doctor for iron supplements that will help you maintain the iron level in your system.

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