Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 27

Week 27 of your pregnancy represents the final two weeks of your second trimester and also the start of the last stage of your entire pregnancy term. As your due date is quickly approaching, you, your partner, your friends, and other family members will be very much excited. Your wait will be over in a few months, so hang in there!

Your body
Your second trimester is coming to an end at a rapid pace. There are just two weeks to go until your third trimester starts. You may now start to notice that the pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, which disappeared over the past few weeks, are starting to return. In the past few weeks, you would have felt very much relaxed without any exhaustion and fatigue, but now all of these symptoms will be back in full force just like before. During your third trimester, the weight of your baby will increase further, making you bigger. This, along with other pregnancy symptoms like insomnia, frequent urination, and leg cramps will make you feel even more exhausted. 

Frequent urination will be one of your biggest issues at this time and also during your third trimester. This is because your bladder will get pressure from the increasing weight of your baby and her taking up more space in your uterus, making your bladder full more frequent. This will be annoying for you, especially during the nights, as you will have disturbed sleep. And as you start to experience fatigue and exhaustion again, you will begin to develop leg cramps as well. Unfortunately, leg cramps usually happen during the night. 

You may try to prevent leg cramps by: not standing in the same position for a long time, stretching your calf muscles whenever possible, lying on your left side to enable blood flow from your heart to your legs, and drinking lots of fluids throughout the day. Although this is a common symptom during this stage of pregnancy, it is better for you to call your doctor or midwife if your leg cramps also carry swelling or red skin, and it should be treated immediately.

You would have gained around 19 to 20 pounds by now. The amount of weight gained will differ from woman to woman. If you do not gain sufficient weight during your pregnancy, then you are likely to give birth to an underweight baby. On the contrary, if you gain more weight than you actually should, then you would be giving birth to an overweight baby. 

Your baby
The weight of your baby at week 27 of pregnancy will be almost two pounds and she will now be close to fifteen inches in length. Your baby will open her eyes this week, which have remained closed since week 9. The development of her eyes is a big milestone, now that she will now be able to see. However, she will not be able to coordinate her response to light yet. Her retina will start to mature from this week, and the layers in it will help your baby in receiving light and transmitting the received information to her brain to develop images, the process which we commonly refer to as sight. 

The reproductive organs of your baby are present in the right places now. If your baby is a girl, her ovaries will consist of all required follicles that are responsible for the production of eggs throughout her lifetime. If it’s a boy, his testicles would have now moved down to the scrotum. However, for some babies, this will not happen until after they are born. 

Your baby is now big and she is taking up more space in your womb, which brings down the level of amniotic fluid around her. As a result, you will be able to feel her kicks and other movements stronger than you actually did during the earlier weeks of your pregnancy.

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