Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 26

As you are getting near the end of your second trimester, it is normal for you to feel relaxed and great one day and completely stressed and horrible the other. Since your body has been experiencing quite a lot of changes lately, such mood swings are not going to be a big issue. This is the time you will be scheduled for various tests like glucose screening, blood test to check for anemia, and probably a RhoGAM shot. 
Rho (D) Immune Globulin, also known as RhoGAM, is a drug that is injected into pregnant women who are Rh-negative. Rh is a protein in the human body, which remains on the surface of red blood cells. Rh factor is not usually a concern until the pregnancy. When Rh incompatibility occurs between a pregnant woman and her fetus, this drug will be injected to prevent the fetus from Rh allergy.

Your body
Your friends and family members would have started to guess whether you are having a girl or a boy by just looking at your belly. According to the old tales, if your belly bump is higher, you are carrying a girl, and if your belly is lower and quite close to your hips, then you are carrying a boy. This would be fun for you, especially if you and your partner have decided to keep the gender of your baby a secret until the big day. Even if you are aware of the gender from an ultrasound, you can still have a good time by making people around you guess what's the sex of your baby.

 As your pregnancy progresses, you are gaining more and more weight. By week 26 of your pregnancy, you would have gained around 18 to 19 pounds, if you are of average weight. Do not try to check your weight every day because there may be fluctuations due to the retention of water in your body.

As your baby keeps packing layers of fat and as your uterus expands, you may experience some pain in your ribs. Your rib cage will be pushed outwards by your expanding uterus, and you may feel some pain or discomfort in your rib, especially if you are carrying more than one baby.

In addition to pain and discomfort in your ribs, you may also experience headaches during this period of pregnancy. You may have already experienced headaches in your first trimester, which were caused due to the increase in blood circulation and the volume of your blood and changes in your hormones. However, the headaches you experience at this stage are caused mainly due to the muscle aches and also from stress.

Your baby
Your baby will now weigh about 1.7 pounds and may measure up to 14 inches in length. Her face is now getting fatter and rounder with the all those fat reserves. The maturity of her brain is continuing this week too, and will mature until the end of your pregnancy. Still, there is no proper neural connection between the nerve cells located in your baby’s brain. However, multiple connections will be established along with the progression of your pregnancy. The appearance of your baby’s brain is still smooth, unlike ours, which will look wrinkled. 

She can now make matching movements of arms and legs, bringing them to her mouth most often. The development of her nervous system, senses, and brain is quite intense at this phase; therefore it is important that your intake of healthy food is adequate. Now, she will also be able to listen to your conversations with your partner, and can recognize both your voices. 

If you wish to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and movements at home, you can consider buying a fetoscope or a home fetal Doppler, which will help you to bond more with your little one.

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