Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 24

During your 24th week of pregnancy, it is important that you do not miss your antenatal testing to look for any birth complications in your baby, if any, especially as your third trimester is fast approaching. It is during this time that gestational diabetes is diagnosed in pregnant women. So, it's  better take a glucose test during this stage to look out for the diabetes.. It has been found that about 2 to 5 percent of moms-to-be develop this diabetes type, which is why doctors perform glucose screening anytime between week 24 and week 28 of pregnancy to check that you and your baby are fine.
Your body
Your uterus is continuing to grow and will now be about 2 inches over your belly button. As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important that you go through a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes. If this is left unchecked, the chances of you experiencing a problematic vaginal delivery are very high, and therefore you may have to undergo a C (cesarean) section, as your baby’s growth would be immense, especially her upper body. This will also lead to your baby having to face various other complications after birth, like low blood sugar. 

Pre-eclampsia is a disorder that appears during pregnancy due to huge amounts of protein in your urine and high blood pressure will also be checked by your practitioner during your antenatal visits at this stage. Sometimes, you may feel a little pain in the sides of your belly. This may be because of the stretching of your womb. You may not always feel chirpy; some days, you may feel a little low which is referred to as antenatal depression, a very common symptom during pregnancy. You can contact your doctor for support during such times. 

You may also experience more vaginal discharge than usual. You need not be concerned because most pregnant women experience the same during their pregnancy, due to the hormonal changes happening in your body and as well as the high level of blood flow in your genitals. 

Another quite annoying pregnancy symptom that you may experience during your second trimester is amnesia. Hormonal changes, fatigue, and stress all contribute equally for your amnesia. In order to cope up with this, make sure that you note down all important appointments, meetings, and the other tasks in hand. You can set alarms on your mobile phone, maintain a small diary, or use a planner at all times.

Your baby
During week 24 of your pregnancy, your baby will measure about 11.8 inches in length and will weigh a bit over one pound. Your baby has made a great achievement this week. If she was born premature, she would have had only 40 percent of survival rate and would have been considered viable. But do not worry! If you give birth to a premature baby, she can survive with quite a lot of intensive care. And with the advent of new technologies, you do not have to be worried as more and more premature babies are known to survive.

Her lungs are continuing to mature and their functions are enhanced. However, they will not function effectively until the last few weeks of your third trimester, usually around week 37 to 40. Keratinization is likely to occur in your baby’s skin this week. As you must be aware, keratin is a prime structural material that transforms to become the outer layer of our skin. During this process, new skin cells that are formed underneath the skin will start to move towards the outer layer as the skin matures. Once these cells reach the outer skin layer, the dead cells will be shed gradually.

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