Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 23

During this week of the pregnancy, both you and your baby will be putting on weight. You should now be regular on all your antenatal checkups to make sure that you and your baby's health is good. As you are reaching the end of your second trimester, you should be very careful in everything you do, and have yourself checked regularly to keep track of the development of your baby.

Your body
At this week, your uterus will be about 1 and a half inches above your belly, and will continue to expand and grow. The rapid growth of your baby is sure to tear you down. Your center of gravity begins to get worse and you would not be able to move as swiftly as before. The movements of your baby will be getting stronger, as she now has more room in the womb to move around. 

Sleeping could be very challenging as your stomach gets larger. So, take as much rest as you can by this time. You may also have trouble sleeping because of the reasons like a stressed mind, frequent urination, leg cramps, back pain, etc. 

You will be able to notice swelling in your feet and ankles in the following weeks, especially after a long day. Also referred to as edema, this swelling is caused because of poor circulation of blood in your legs, in addition to changes in your blood that lead to water retention. Once you give birth, all of this extra fluid will be discarded by your body by way of sweating and frequent urination. Until then, try not to stand or sit in the same place for longer durations, have your legs stretched when you sit, place your feet in an elevated position whenever you can and sleep on your sides. You can also try wearing support stockings and comfortable shoes, and work out regularly to improve blood circulation. 

Your baby
During twenty third week of your pregnancy, your baby will weigh a little more than one pound and will measure a bit more than 11 inches in length. The muscular and nervous systems of your baby have now developed well than before. During the earlier stages of your pregnancy, your baby used to suck her thumb without knowing it; but now she can do the same consciously. 

Your baby’s lungs are being prepared to intake oxygen for the first time. She is now starting to hear sounds from the outside environment. This is the best time for you to play some soft music for your baby. Several studies have indicated that babies in the womb prefer to listen to classical music among the rest. 

As you are in your second trimester now, you are more than likely to experience false labor pains (Braxton-Hicks Contractions) very soon. Some of you may have already experienced this pain. However, it is quite common during the third trimester. Usually, these contractions are painless, but some of you may feel a little pressure. If you feel that you are experiencing labor pain, then it is better to contact your doctor as early as possible. You can consult your practitioner even if you are not sure if it is false labor or true labor. 

You and your partner can now start thinking about names for your baby. You may have always thought of a favorite name, or you still may not have any idea. In that case, you can try choosing some names from a baby names book or just search online.

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