Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 21

You are now half way through your second trimester and your pregnancy term, and the advancement of you and your baby is pretty much the same at this stage. It is very important that you take into consideration the intake of food and drinks, along with taking care of the workouts, as this is one of the most important phases of your pregnancy.

Your Body
You will probably be feeling quite comfortable these days. You would not have become too big yet, and most of the pregnancy symptoms you have been experiencing during the earlier weeks would have decreased by now. So, if you feel relaxed and comfortable, it is now your time to make full use of it. Once you reach the third trimester, your may have a new set of complaints.    
By now, most of you would have felt the movements of the baby inside your tummy. Some of your baby’s movements could be strong enough for you to share it with your partner. You can ask your partner to place his hand on your belly and feel the baby’s movements, and use this opportunity to bond with your partner.

As your pregnancy continues, you may notice that you are becoming more attached and protective of your baby. This happens with all moms-to-be when they feel the movement of a new life inside them regularly. Feeling the movements of your baby is one of the most happiest parts of your entire pregnancy. However, if you have not felt any movement of your baby until now, do not worry because not all pregnant women feel it until a few more weeks, especially those of you who are overweight and those of you whose placenta lies before your uterus. 

Sometimes, you may find leakage of milk from your breasts. This is called colostrum, your first breast milk. You would also be able to notice stretch marks in your abdomen, as your skin is enlarging and stretching. You can start using stretch mark creams prescribed by your practitioner. You may also experience more backaches or back pains now. This is a common issue faced by all pregnant women during their second and third trimester. Howbeit, do not keep ignoring the pain if it seems to persist or worsens. 

Your Baby
During week 21 of your pregnancy, your baby will measure about 10.5 inches in length and would weight around 12.5 ounces. She is now swallowing the amniotic fluid on a regular basis, giving practice to her digestive system. The fluid she swallows will move through her digestive system, reaches her kidneys, and will come out as urine. Yes, your baby is now urinating regularly in your womb!

You will be able to feel your baby’s hiccups by now, which are called fetal hiccups. This is a usual part of a baby’s development, and some babies are found to hiccup less and other more. Your baby’s blood circulation is completely functional now, and her cute little nails are starting to grow on her nail beds. However, her nails will remain soft to prevent her from scratching herself accidentally. 

The nerve pathways of your baby are now maturing. She will now possess no or very little control over her movements, which is about to change during the following weeks. One thing that will be interesting to you is that, if you are having twins, they will now start to know each other and you will be able to see them interacting, through your ultrasound. It is also very common for twin babies to try grabbing and kicking each other in the womb.

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