Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 20

You have reached the middle of your second trimester as well as the middle of your pregnancy cycle this week. You must be proud of yourself for having survived the most frustrating pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, and fatigue. Though you may still experience some pain in your back and abdomen and a little fatigue, your health has improved a lot more than your first trimester and you will be more energetic now. You can expect several changes in your baby’s development during this week of your pregnancy.


Your Body
You definitely have your baby bump to show off now. You will no longer be able to hide your pregnancy, even if you tried to. You have got 20 more weeks to pass before your little bundle of joy pops out! Not all babies are born on the actual due date; some of you may give birth sooner and others may give birth later than your anticipated due date. You can expect your baby to be born anytime between week 37 and week 42. 

By this time, if you stand for a longer duration of time, you are likely to feel lightheaded or dizzy. This condition is because of the pooling of your blood in your legs when you stand for long, leading to a drop in your blood pressure. To prevent this, always take short breaks for sitting down and resting. Also, always wear shoes or sandals that offer you good support and are comfortable to walk. 

You may also encounter uterine contractions frequently as your pregnancy progresses. Clinically termed as Braxton Hicks contractions, this is a usual symptom of pregnancy, causing false labor pains, which you may experience at the midpoint of your pregnancy. For most pregnant women, this uterine contraction will be painless and cause absolutely no issue. However, if you find that your contractions occur more frequently, like every hour, or are painful, you should contact your practitioner. 

Your Baby
During this week of your pregnancy, your baby will weigh about 10 and a half ounces and would measure around six and a half inches in length. She will be swallowing by now, which is a good thing for her digestive system. Her eyebrows have thickened than before and will now be visible. In a few weeks’ time, you baby will open her eyes for the very first time. Though she will be quite skinny now, her body fat would have increased a little and her body will be covered by lanugo hair. Lanugo hair provide a soft, fine and downy layer that provides insulation and keeps your baby warm. These hairs will be shed once your baby is born. Your baby’s muscular development will be accelerated now, and it will be easy for her to move around your tummy due to enough space and the presence of amniotic fluid. 

Vernix Caseosa, a waxy white substance will cover your baby’s body to protect her skin while she moves around in the amniotic fluid. This substance will be visible covering up some babies when they are born. When your baby swallows the amniotic fluid, she will be able to taste the flavors of the foods you eat. Therefore, you can help augmenting your baby’s taste buds right from when she is in your tummy by eating foods of different varieties. 

This is a good time for you to start thinking of a birth plan. This may include information about your preferences regarding the delivery, and the procedures you wish to be followed during emergencies, if any. You can also share this plan with your practitioner to obtain his or her input as well.

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