Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 17

During week 17, you will probably feel way more relaxed and comfortable, as you will be used to all your pregnancy symptoms and will be handling them easily than ever. Your appetite will have increased by now; but do not worry, you will not be considered overeating, as you would look more pregnant now and you are eating both for you and your baby. Gaining five to ten pounds is normal at this stage of the pregnancy. Routine checkups, tests and ultrasounds must be done on time, every single time.

Your Body
You probably would have started to show now, more than before. Occasionally, you may feel some pain in your legs. This is called sciatic nerve pain, a common pain during pregnancy caused by the largest nerve in your body called the sciatic nerve. This pain can be agonizing for some of you; it is mainly because of the pressure given on the nerve by the growth of your baby. You can lessen this pain by not standing in the same place for a long time and by using pillows for resting your legs during sleep. You may also consult your doctor to receive other suggestions for alleviating the pain. As your blood volume increases, you may also experience more sweating than usual. That is normal during this stage of your pregnancy.


This is the perfect time for you and your partner to start trying to talk to your baby. Try talking to her by lying in a noiseless room with no other distractions. During this phase, you womb will be rising and by now will be in the middle of your pubic bone and belly button, causing your tummy to bulge out. This would be the right time for you to shop for maternity clothing, if you haven’t done it already. 

Frequent urination is completely normal during pregnancy. However, if you have a burning sensation when you urinate, it may be because of some sort of urine infection; so, consult your doctor.

It is best to workout during pregnancy. But, make sure that your workouts are lighter because your ligaments will be stretched more and will also be softer now, and you may experience sprains and strains if your exercise is effortful or if you make any sudden movements. Most importantly, do not smoke or drink during pregnancy, and also stay away from smoky surroundings because passive smoking may lead to several issues including low birth weight babies.

Your Baby
During week 17 of your pregnancy, your baby can weigh up to five ounces and can measure up to 5 inches in length. She is all life in your tummy now, flopping, flipping, and kicking! You should be able to feel her movements now; if not, it won’t be too long. Also, you baby will now be able to feel your touch. So, remember to gently touch your tummy often; you will be able to feel your baby responding to your touch by fluttering inside your tummy.

The umbilical cord is thickening and strengthening, in addition to growing in its length. As your baby’s sense of hearing is developing at a faster pace, any loud noise can startle her easily. Her ears have finally reached their original places, at the sides of her head, and your baby’s bones are also completely formed. The constant growth of your baby’s arms and legs no longer make her head look big, and she is starting to look normal week after week. 

At this time of your pregnancy, you can use your renewed energy to do some of your household chores. Doing laundry and cleaning your house can serve you as a good form of exercise. However, be cautious when you use certain cleaning products, as some of those may contain harmful toxins and chemicals they may get absorbed through your skin and reach your baby through the placenta.

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