Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 15

During the entire fifteenth week of pregnancy and also through the entire second trimester, you will feel like relaxing some more. This is mainly because most of the unfavorable pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, morning sickness and nausea would be reducing bit by bit every passing day.


Your Body
Sometimes, you may still feel out of energy and tired. This is normal. Taking rest, eating nutrition-rich foods, and working out regularly will make you feel better. When you have energy, you can try doing simple workouts like yoga, meditation, stretching and walking, etc. If you feel dizzy or faint, it may be because you are not taking proper food or probably because you are dehydrated. If you are working and trying to manage a busy schedule or if you have a toddler and have to constantly run after them, you need to drink more water to keep with all of this, In these situations, first stabilize yourself by lying or sitting down, then eat something healthy and drink some juice or water. Always have a nutritious snack with you wherever you go, keep it in your purse or car, etc. 

You might have gained at least five pounds during this week; however, this may vary from person to person. Whatever the case, you will finally start showing and hence, start to look pregnant! 

You may also experience something called scatterbrain or pregnancy brain, a common complaint during pregnancy, which will make you forget those things you would usually remember. While this may not be proved yet, there are women who experience this change and it is quite normal as well. You may also start to stumble, as you will be losing your center of gravity as you get bigger. It would not be good either for you or your baby if you fall. Therefore, always wear flats or sneakers during pregnancy and avoid wearing high heels. Whenever you happen to take a fleet of stairs, make sure you do it slowly. Also, be careful with your every movement and try to prevent accidents as much as possible.

Your Baby
During this week of your pregnancy, your baby’s growth will take place rapidly. During this fourth month of pregnancy, the weight of your baby will rise six times, even after which she is going to weigh around 6 Oz, almost half a pound. The umbilical cord and the placenta will help your baby’s system to function the same way they would after she is born. The placenta helps in several functions like removal of waste, digestion, protection, respiration, and also hormone production. The placental membrane prevents the entry of bacteria as well. 

As your baby gets bigger, so do her reflex behaviors, which basically are unlearned, natural behaviors that every baby is born with. Every reflex behavior of your baby has its own survival value: For instance, swallowing and sucking help in nutrition ingestion, and blinking will keep your baby’s eyes moist and will also keep foreign particles away from her eyes. By this week, your baby will be practicing all of the above mentioned reflex behaviors. 

Your baby’s kidneys will be reaching their last maturity stage during this week. This has taken over 10 weeks for her because straightening of the baby’s body was required in order to attach her kidneys to her abdomen. 

If you will be coming across cold and flu season during your pregnancy, then it is better to get a flu shot from your health care provider. This is important because your pregnancy will cause certain changes to your immune system which will make you more vulnerable to infection and illness. Always remain hygienic, wash your hands before you touch any food in order to prevent any potential infection. It is better is you avoid crowds, and also make sure that your family remains as healthy and hygienic as you are.

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