Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 14

During this week of your pregnancy, as already mentioned in the Pregnancy Week 13 article, you will finally feel that your body condition has improved and that you can relax. This would mainly be because of your body’s adjustment to all the internal changes that have been happening lately, to welcome your child. You are now in the 2nd week of your second trimester. Though the crucial stages of your pregnancy and your baby’s growth have gone by now, it is still very much vital that you look after your health and your diet.

Your Body
The morning sickness that has been troubling you all these weeks would have abated for most of you by now. However, some of you may still feel it until the end of your 16th week into the pregnancy. If you are one such moms-to-be, remember to take small and frequent means, and always remain hydrated. Also, try to keep away from the smells that make you feel nauseous. 

Most pregnant women feel their second trimester to be the best stage of their entire pregnancy. This is mostly because the fatigue and morning sickness they would experience during the earlier stages of their pregnancy would have probably passed by now, and the backaches and swollen ankles they would go through during the later stage of pregnancy would not have started yet!

You may be feeling a bit warm this week, as the volume of blood circulating in your body would have increased significantly. Your heart will now be working too hard in order to supply sufficient oxygen to both you and your baby. The count of your red blood cells will now be very much higher when compared to the count when you are not pregnant. Therefore, remember to take foods that are rich in iron content, like cereals, green leafy vegetables, and red meat.

During this week of your pregnancy, you may feel that your tummy sticks out during certain days. This may be because of the expansion of your bowels. You can find that your tummy goes back to normal after you urinate. This is totally normal at this stage of pregnancy.

Also, this week you may experience constant mood swings. You would be extremely happy one week, and totally emotional the other. You and those around you should probably learn to understand the changes happening in you, especially during these mood swings.

Your Baby
By this week, your baby will weigh about 42.5 grams and would measure about 3.5 inches in length. Very soon, you will start to feel flutters that signify the movements of your baby. She is already moving inside your tummy, but you wouldn’t be able to feel her yet, as she is still small. You baby may have started to grow hair on her head; her eyelids would be fully developed, but are very much sensitive and can get irritated by anything when exposed. 

By now, your baby's neck would be visible, separating her head and chest, on which her head was resting until this week. Her ears would now have reached their right place and her chin will also sprout out more.
Your baby will also be making facial movements like squinting and frowning this week. She will also jump around suddenly, which you may not feel as of now. Howbeit, if you have given birth already, you would be able to notice these movements easily, if not, you will be able to feel the same in the following couple of weeks. 

If you are carrying twins or multiple babies, your stomach would be much larger than you expected. Excessive nausea is one most common symptom of having more than one baby in your tummy. An ultrasound test will be able to reveal the number of babies in your tummy, very soon.

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