Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 13

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it through your first trimester! You are now in the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. You will now start to feel hungrier for life and food. You will slowly start to regain your energy and appetite, and nausea will begin to disappear. Your new curves will make you feel sexier than ever. The most interesting thing you can expect in this phase of your pregnancy is to feel your baby’s movements. 

Your Body
It is now the best time to share your good news with others. While you would be excited about the attention and care you get from your loved ones after disclosing your pregnancy, one thing you would not have thought of is the overload of advice you would receive from everyone around you. Now that you would start showing, every other person will want to manage your pregnancy. Though the intentions of those who offer you with loads of pregnancy advices may be good, you might start to feel a bit insecure or buried. It is not good to follow every advice you get, may it be a simple work out procedure or homemade remedies for the issues you have. Simply keep in mind that all of this is happening because of the love they have for you and your baby, and just hear them out. 

You would have put on some weight now. However, if morning sickness has been troubling you all these weeks that you didn’t take your meals right, your weight gain would not be much. Once you start feeling better, you will start to gain weight along with your baby’s growth. 

Several women get stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks appear when collagen and elastic fibers present in the deeper layers of your skin get torn apart to provide enough space to your growing baby. Collagen will break down when the skin is torn apart and this will lead to the appearance of stretch marks on the surface of your skin in purple, red, or pink streaks. 9 of 10 pregnant women get stretch marks on their arms, buttocks, hips, tummy, and/or breasts. You may get stretch marks any time during your pregnancy. After you give birth, color of the streaks would fade away and become the same color as your skin, but the marks will not disappear. 

Your Baby
Your baby’s growth happens rapidly. She will now be 13 to 30 grams in weight and will measure about 6.5 to 7.8 cm. Her organs will now be completely formed, and will start to mature in this trimester to prepare for the baby’s life after her birth. Your baby still gets oxygen supply by way of your bloodstream, but her chest muscles and lungs will exercise. Her kidneys will also start to exercise now, and the placenta also works side by side, producing red blood cells and hormones. 

Your baby’s skin is turning to waterproof, and her heartbeat will start to slow down than before, but will be strong enough that you will be able to hear it during your prenatal visit to the doctor. Her brain is also growing at a fast pace, and by the end of your second trimester she will almost measure double her current length. 

Did you know that pregnancy will affect your mouth as well? Yes, it actually does! It is because during pregnancy, you tend to eat more than usual and those annoying pregnancy hormones will make your gum tissue more sensitive, softer, and swollen. All of these factors will make you naive to bleeding and inflammation of your gum tissues, which is clinically referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. This oral problem is common with most pregnant women. You can try to prevent this by brushing and flossing regularly. Try to use an ultrasonic or a soft bristle toothbrush to reduce bleeding and remove buildup of plaque, and use an antiseptic mouthwash to rinse your mouth twice a day.

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