Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pregnancy Week 10

In this week of your pregnancy, the first thing you should know is that your baby is now totally out of the embryonic stage and is completely into the fetal stage. And the best news for you in week 10 would be that the risk for birth defects, otherwise known as congenital abnormalities, is very less. Though you and your baby have not completely cleared all the phases of avoiding deformities, you have successfully cleared some of the most crucial weeks. With constant medical attention and care, you are on your way to delivering a healthy baby.

Your Body
It is only during pregnancy when women really look forward to putting on some weight. Different women will start to show at different stages of their pregnancy. It usually depends on you, and whether this is your first pregnancy and your physique. Usually, most women will start to show somewhere around week 20. If you are small and thin, you may start to show earlier, whereas if you are a little plump, it may take longer. However, if you have already given birth, then you may start to showing the weight gain in the forthcoming weeks. 

Even if you don’t pop up until now, it is a fact that your body is undergoing various changes. You may see that it is getting difficult for you to zip your jeans. You do not really have to gain weight; however, the organs around your waist will start to alter in order to make enough room for your baby to grow. 

You may have heard that pregnant women have cravings for certain foods, like pickled veggies, chocolate, peppermint ice cream, etc., during their pregnancy. Well, this isn’t just a fable! Biologists believe that these cravings and some common aversions are just the way your body indicates you which foods are right for you now and which are not. 

Your Baby
In this week of your pregnancy, you baby will be around one to one-and-a-half inches in length. Half of this length will be taken up by her head. You will be able to see that her wrists and ankles are now formed, and that her toes and fingers start to be visible too. When you take an ultrasound test at this stage, you will be able to see the umbilical cord that connects your baby with the placenta. Her intestines will soon reach her abdomen and will get covered by skin. Many more of your baby’s organs are starting to function now, like her thyroid glands, pancreas, and gallbladder, all of which will help her eat and digest her own food after birth.

If you feel that you are putting on weight and that your clothes don’t fit you anymore, here are a few tips on how to dress during this period:

As you will be gaining weight more, buy pants or skirts in the next size. For instance, if you are a size 8, buy a 10. Also, make sure that you choose neutral colors in order to avoid being noted all the time that you are wearing the same pair of pants or skirt.

Try dressing up in layers. Several pregnant women feel much warmer during pregnancy. Therefore, dressing up in layers will help you cool off by taking off some of your clothes.

If you wear a sweater, make sure it covers your hip, and always wear loose tops. 

Even more romantic, you can look for something to wear from your partner’s closet because his sweater or shirt would now fit your new figure. 

You can also choose to wear a figure hiding jacket or blazer with your dress.


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